Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 IDIOTS - A Must Watch

Finally after many weeks of long wait, i watched 3 idiots the day after our results are out.I should thank my best buddy vikas for taking the tickets and inviting me for the movie.I almost rushed from home when he said that he had 2 tickets with him.And yeah, eventually i came to know the
reason why the tag line "ALL IZZ WELL" had become so popular. No doubt the movie was amazing. This enlightens me the reason why Aamir takes time while he chooses the script for his
        There is one point which is worth mentioning in the movie. The movie is all about a sound principle which is followed by Rancho alias Aamir "Try to excel in that field for which you have a passion,and one day u will succeed." I liked the "DEMO" strategy Rancho used to help people understand things.Chatur's character was hilarious.He is known for by hearting the lessons.Where as Rancho was known for his conceptual understanding.He was awesome and looked so young.All i can say is this is one movie which is a must watch for all the young engineers.Go along the path where your dreams take you.Another movie which is worth mentioning when you speak about following your dreams is Wake up sid. It had a similar theme casted in a differnt way.

      You will feel good once you come out. You will feel great if you just flunked your exams. For now

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