Friday, January 8, 2010

My first failure in Engineering..

Every time when my semester results are out, i was one among all those distinction holders. I named it the D club where D stands for distinction.Recently i had written my 3-1 exams and yeah i worked like i never did before for these exams. Before 3-1, my preparation methodology was entirely different. I used to study each and every day , but the day before the exam im glued to my TV watching cricket matches.

However i took an oath not to watch cricket before exams and started reading well. It was the same priciple applied to perfection while i was taking my 3-1 exams.Everything went on well.For the first time when i finished my exams i was very confident and felt good about myself. I didnt feel like praying to GOD any more because i took it for granted that my result would be fair enough.

I was very cool and acted as if i screwed my exams and the same was displayed as a caption in various social networking sites and as a news feed on FB and Twitter.

Finally on 7th January,results were out and im shocked that i missed distinction by 4 marks,while one of my friends made it there.So there goes my percentage -- 69.5. How do u feel when u get so close and miss hitting the target? Unfortunately many of my class mates who were known for their academic excellence couldnt make it there as well. So i said to my self a very famous line "AALL IZZ WELL" and there goes my caption.

Important thing is that my marks were sound in all the subjects where my performance was not to the best of my abilities. But two subject score's were dissappointing. Yeah man this is what happens with JNTU.I finally felt that i should go for revaluation kind of thing. And i told the same to all my friends.

But when i downloaded a pdf from the net about the revaluation details,i felt that the following details were worth noting. Here they go:

Item Fee per subject Applicable to

Recounting - Rs.100/- All courses

Revaluation - Rs.500/- All UG courses except B.Tech.

Challenge valuation- Rs.10,000/- Only for B.Tech.

10000 bucks for challenge valuation?? I dont know whos proposal this is, but i felt this is really ridiculous.Definitely it brings a lot of profit for the university.All my dreams were shattered after looking at this. 10000 bucks for a paper is really insane. So i finally decided to go for recounting which seemed to be economical for me(lol).At the end of the day i felt like making a statement saying -- JNTU and its script valuation SUCKS big time.


  1. yes ur absolutely right my dear....y the matter of money came into act for paper evaluation i too just cant understand about it. 100 or 200 bucks is fair but 10000 bucks its not at all fair.......and i completely agree with ur comments of what u have said in the above lines

  2. Thanks buddy..i was so pissed off when i read it..but in the end..i had no other choice other than keeping my mouth shut and preparing for the next semester