Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We love India?? or Success?

Every day i receive messages wishing me a very good morning...but today it was something different. Iam deeply moved by these messages and felt like explaining few things to everyone. Almost all my friends know that im a Dhoni maniac and after India's dismal performance yesterday they were totally fed up. One of the message's said:

"What a knock by MSD...he made the entire nation *******"

"What is the one word substitute for ******** skipper???

...................its MSD"

And i have seen some friends in FB posting

"Screw Indians..and MSD....They s***"

The same is the case in the last T20 tournament and the penultimate World Cup tournament. We have seen some edited pics of cricketers in newspapers and fans also went on to destroy assets owned by the cricketers.This is basically criticism at its best.Firstly we should ask ourselves one question.

-- Are the men in blue doing this purposefully?

If we start thinking about this,the answer that comes to our mind is "No".They have tried to win and gave their best, but then it was just not their day.

If India is expected to win every tournament it plays,then what is the reason for other teams to take part in the tournament?Are the remaining teams playing for pride?? No...Almost all the teams playing have world class cricketers in their sides and they are "hungry" to win the tournament.So even if we loose,we are not loosing to a second rated/inferior team. We are loosing to a side which is equally good compared to us.One must realize this fact and stop expecting too much from the men in blue. Theres nothing wrong having a hope that the men in blue will win,but one shouldnt be obsessed about the victory.After all,the word victory has got some meaning just because we have a word "defeat".It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life.

The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated...it is finished when it surrenders.

If men in blue pull of an incredible victory then people start praising them.If they lose then they start criticising them. If that is the case "Are we loving India?? or success??". I just felt led to express my opinion here.I do have some problems with the team selection.We definitely missed out some key players who have had a great run in the IPL.

But at the end of the day one must support India even when it looses. That really boosts their confidence and help them win.I will still cheer for our country and i wish them luck for the world cup 2011.


  1. ya murthy i agree with u ,but as they r playng international cricket ,dey should hav some quality n spirit.c d way how gautam gambir n yuvi fielded ,how imp d match 4 us.even so many best players are available like kohli,utappa n several oters got gud talent.tell me how many of our guys havng consistency(except raina dese days).yaar he(msd) always arguing dat seniors cant play.tell me how any 1 in d current xi is as consistent as dravid.yaar galli cricket v ppl can also play.remember when u playng world class cricket u shoul not give up ur chances ,hopes until d last ball.c d way how srilankans played.i am telling u it is d worst part of captaincy.what is d need of harbajan in d early overs dat vinay kumar had a great over gave only 1 run n got 1 wicket also.c ipl lo gorrelu first overs lo spinner ki bowling ivvadm fashion laga aipoindi.he dnt evn think the consequences,the bowling changes was not at all gud y'day.even we could score more.all d fulltoss balls they have wasted.if evry 1 is also havng equal oppertunities but y dnt u hav d same spirit dat d others havng.think it onc.its just my opinion.with out sachin they cant.ofcourse we had some badluck also dat praveen n sehwag struggling with injuries.tell me y r'jadeja is included evry time,when he is not progressing at all.dnt ojha,utappa,kohli,jaskaran singh,harpreet singh,our suman,so many others r there.but he is there since 2007,peekendemi ledu.even yousuf pathan also adi adi guddivupulu.adu bokke.selection marali.antha varaku.kashtam abbai.ninna match tarvata i hope some of d audience may change like me dat the never expext frm team india,n ll not waste their time by watching ,unless some real talented ll come in d side.malli dinikithodu ego lu pose lu(bhajji,gambhir evry 1 almost havng temper).they should change their attitides n mind sets also.

  2. @Kishore sir..i agree there is a problem with selection....we didnt take the best 11..but team and squad selection is in the hands of selectors....our players failed to deliver since there is lot of pressure on them..and they know the way how fans would react back home once they fail...In general any person can do his best when there is no pressure on him..and thats the reason why i think players failed to put in their best..

  3. If we start supporting them during bad times,they feel more comfortable while playing..u will not find this extent of criticism in any other country..its only in India....once we get rid of this attitude im sure the team can deliver better results...