Monday, November 14, 2011

“Like” thoughts attract each other

I was gifted with two self-help books by my sister on my last birthday. She was one among the very few people who knew that i had profound interest in picking up books of such kind and reading them. I came across an interesting idea which the author shared in this book. She said “Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.” This may be in contradiction with the famous laws of attraction we study in physics. But she certainly had strong reasoning behind what she stated in her book.
When a person says something to himself, his mind searches for thoughts that support his idea.
Tell yourself : “You are an exceptional cricketer”. Your mind searches for every possible reason to support this particular statement.
Tell yourself : “You are no good in studies.” Your mind digs out all the failures you had in your academics in the past to support your statement.
This is strange but still is very true. When we think of something positive, our mind attracts many more positive thoughts. When we think of something negative, we will have many negative thoughts crowded in our mind supporting the former thought. This justifies the statement “We are what our thoughts make us”. Gaining control over what we think requires a lot of practice and focus. Once a person aces this particular process, he finds what he wants.
This seemed like a very powerful insight to me and i felt the need to share it.

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