Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank you 2011

2011 was an year of intense learning. It helped me taste success and also failure. For the first time in life, my heart developed a sense of respect towards failure. I witnessed a change in the way i am approaching things after i started working for a company. Work life definitely brought some clarity regarding career and made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. One positive change that i had seen in myself is that i started to question conventions. And this opened a wide spectrum of options which were not evident to me before. I consider myself fortunate enough to have colleagues with diverse backgrounds. What can be better than learning something from each one of them ? After a while, the cardinal number of my knowledge set increases by some amount.

2011 made me understand that:

“Learning is more important than earning”. Success and money will naturally come along.

“A good design can have a great impact on the overall success of software”. Why just stick to software? It applies to many things in life. Should thank the design lead in my office for an awesome workshop on “Seducing designs”.

“No person is a loser”. He just doesn’t fit in the existing system that he is in. He needs to find the right place to grow.

“You can avoid a fight the very next moment, by being patient for a little longer.”

“Meditation is nothing but concentrating on breathing process”. How often do you feel the rush of oxygen touching your nostrils on its way into your lungs?.

“Great teams in this world are formed by people who love each other”. How often do we work whole heartedly for the wellness of another team member?

“The law of attraction will drive you into work, so that you can achieve your goals”. I am not talking about the classical law of attraction in physics. To know what i am talking about, you need to read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

“Reading books make you wise”.

“Nothing in this world is interesting/boring”. It is just our willingness to engage that makes us come to a conclusion.

“Show some gratitude towards every aspect in life”. You will start loving your life and you will really begin to LIVE it.

“Comparison is the source of all problems in this world”. I feel a one line excerpt to support this statement is impossible to phrase. It certainly is “Food for thought”.

“Social networking sites are making us lazy”. How many of us remember the birthdays of our best friends? How often do we bother to meet them in person? What alternative means of communication are we using other than chatting apps ?. As a practice, i am trying not to log into Facebook chat from the past 5 days. Feels great :)

“If you have a problem, face it. Don’t facebook it”. Although it is a saying i had seen on facebook, it made a lot of sense to me. Putting a post abusing/criticizing a person doesn’t do any good than clearing the way for a fight in public. It doesn’t make you superior/wise. It just shows your incapability to face the problem. If you love your mom/dad/friend/someone, just tell them personally and see what wonders it can do to your relationship. Similarly, abusing in public forums never makes the other person better. Just think about it.

“You have leant something when you realized that you know nothing”. How awesome and true this line is.

What/Where do you end up (with) is purely the result of your past. You can change your present so as to see a better past in the future. Confusing?. Then read it again :) It makes sense.

“There is never really “nothing”.There is always something going around.”

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