Friday, July 2, 2010

CRPF Personnel Butchered

The recent Maoist attack which took place in Chattisgarh claimed the lives of 27 CRPF Personnel and some people were still not found.This barbaric act by the Maoists is really very annoying.Terrorism is gradually spreading like an infectious virus in each and every nation.The Maoist attacks are becoming very frequent these days and they are causing panic to many other people who live around.Despite government's efforts to curb these barbaric acts, still these misdeeds prevail in our country.

The terrorists are striking at their own will-- they kill people when ever they want.They enforce bandhs making us wonder whose writ runs in naxal infected states.And the reason they do all these things is to draw the attention of the government to their so called issues.Is killing civilians the only way to grab attention of the government? If thats the case,there would be no life left on this planet once the government's attention is brought onto all the social issues in present day life.If the terrorists consider these personnel/civilians as their own people they would never commit such inhuman acts.

Just as Leopard cannot change its spots or a tiger its stripes, the terrorists cannot eschew violence.Doling out compensation to victim's families will not reduce the gravity of these events.The government's idea to have talks with them would turn futile.So the government should stop being a mute spectator and bring the army into action and curb this violence.Another way of checking terrorism would be the issual of unique ids to every one in the country.The person with an invalid/no identity can be prosecuted.But still efficient means should be adopted so that there wouldnt be any duplicate/fake id's given.The intelligence unit should be strengthened and other measures should be taken to check these minacious deeds.

Fear is the most infectious condition.Living life with fear is far more worse than dying,which gives a person eternal peace.Peace is the need of the hour and the government should consider this issue seriously.


  1. nicely written... the actual culprits are the people in the government who use their posts for their own selfish motives and bring out the extremism in certain groups who become terrorists...

  2. Agree with u aravind...Taking a life is never an answer to any problem in this planet..i hope people would realize that some day or the other...