Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strange summer

Not even a single morning is passing by without me waking up and checking my email. I am desperately waiting for my current employer [TCS] to send me my call letter with a joining date. Sources say that it is going to be very late compared to other companies. And so my wait continues.

This summer has been strange for several reasons. I enjoyed this summer by spending most of my time with my school friends. I will say, without any hesitancy what so ever, that this is the best summer I had till date. Each meet we guys have leaves me with many parting queries. No doubt I enjoyed every single meet to the core, but then I am left with this strange feeling when I return home.

“You cannot fare well in gully cricket and call yourself Sachin.”

It is only when we compete at a higher level, we come to know our true potential and get a chance to improve ourselves. The importance of widening one’s gaze, graduating from a top notch university and socializing is something that these meets taught me. And while all these thoughts were playing in my mind, I still laughed my ass off with my friends and had a great time with them. I don’t know if my contemplation regarding these issues is sounding insane. I don’t think that I am standing out to be the perfect example for the proverb “An idle brain is devils workshop” Or I m I?

I would like to end this right here. I know it’s abrupt. But even my mind has nothing to share beyond this. I don’t know if this is peer pressure. But this is my current state of mind !!!