Sunday, February 28, 2010

Me-Now as "CR"

After many days of drama eventually on 8th February at 2:30 pm i took charge as the new class representative.I must thank GOD for he has been really good to me in this semester.My best friend Chandrasekhar did a great job for one complete semester after Mourya called it off. Now i was asked to take the charge by my class incharge Srinivas rao garu.
  I always wanted to be the CR and i personally felt that i deserved that position more than any one else in my class[Well thats my personal opinion].But somehow or the other my friend got a chance before me for the last semester.As soon as i took the charge i felt strange. Some of my friends congratulated me in a sarcastic way while some people greeted me with some heart soothing words.My mind was filled with strange feelings.Part of me thinks that i can fit in well and do a good job while the other part thinks that i cant handle my class. I identified three qualities in me which make me unfit for that position. They are mainly my temper,impatience and getting along with every one. Right from my child hood i always prefered staying alone or with a small group of people rather than having a big social network. Like all the Geminians even iam short tempered and have very less patience. I personally feel i inherited this quality from my forefathers. After thinking for one complete hour in bus i thought that i need to make some changes in the way i present myself to the people around me. And iam trying to implement that to the best of my levels.
         Albeit some people think that i donot fit in there,I hope my friends would support me and help me do a good job as the class representative.For now im keeping my fingers crossed and im hoping for the best. ALL IZZ WELL :)

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