Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 5th - Yet another red letter day in my life

On 1st November i was informed by our T&P cell that TCS is heading to our college for a pool campus drive on 3rd december.Later we had our semester exams.They were supposed to end on 13th but they ended on 20th November.One of the exams was postponed to 20th November by JNTUK.[Thats because rain god was feeling way too sad to leave visakhapatnam and move on to another place].

After my dismal performance in semester exams i felt sad as i failed to keep up the promise i made to my dad that i would do well in my exams.He didnt feel bad about it,but i did.I just wanted to make him feel happy by doing well in my semester exams,but i couldnt do it.So the only opportunity left in front of me is TCS.I felt that getting placed in a good company like TCS would make my parents feel proud and will give me more positive energy. Working in industry and learning while working has been my career plan right from my 2nd year. Thats when i made up my mind to work in a good company, gain some experience and then do MBA in Human resources from a premier B School.We had hardly 12 days to prepare with India VS New Zealand test series going on in full swing. It was just enough to keep cricket maniacs like me away from books.Meanwhile CIFEL people were giving placement oriented training in our college. I didnt feel like attending them.I thought it would be easy to cover the entire technical syllabus in 2 days. Instead it took me a weeks time to brush up my certification syllabus.So i am left with only 2 more days to complete semester subjects and prepare for written exam.

3rd December 2010 - Written exam

We had some practice papers covering all the possible patterns for written test.Once we are done practicing them written exam would be a cakewalk.From 4/4 IT we had 38 members who are eligible to take the written exam.And when the results were announced later that day,we came to know that all 38 of us cleared the written exam. I must say that this was the most happiest moment in 4-1 for almost every one in class. I had spent rest of the day revising programming language related concepts.I had a sound sleep later that night and took good amount of rest.

4th December 2010.

This is it. It all depends on how we perform on this day.We had three rounds. They are TR,MR and HR rounds.Each student needs to clear all three of them to make it to the big dance. Student volunteers would call our names periodically and all of us were asked to sit in mechanical workshop. Before we went to workshops, our beloved HOD sir addressed all of us. It was a rejuvenating talk. Student volunteers started calling our names at about 11:30 am in the morning and i had to wait until 4:30 pm to attend my technical round.I didnt have my lunch and was busy with books.After a while i throwed my books away and started listening to music.I was called in at around 5 PM in the evening for my technical interview.

The person who interviewed me was in his mid 30's if i am not wrong. He was having cashew pakodas and hot coffee offered to him. He received me well, and initially my concentration was on the plate of mouth watering snacks in front of me[yeah, I am starving]. He didnt notice my starving looks. He was looking at my resume and after a minutes time he broke the ice and asked me to introduce myself. Later he asked me to write programs for some data structures and a c program for avoiding deadlocks using semaphores. I wrote them within 10 mins and explained them well to him.[Thanks to raju sir,without whom my foundations in programming were never concrete]. He was impressed.I could make that out from his eyes.He was listening to me,eating his pakodas and sipping hot coffee[Multitasking].Later he asked me about some latest technologies of Oracle and Microsoft and in the end about my project.I explicated them in detail and i felt really good when i finished.He offered his hand for a shake and told me that i am selected and will not have my MR round. He said that HR people would call me soon and wished me luck.I was happy that i did well in technical round.Later i had my HR round at around 8 30 pm.It went quite well.After i came out i breathed a sigh of relief and left for canteen to have some food. We had to wait until 12 30 for the final results.

We had no rest that day.I was feeling drowsy.A young guy from TCS, with a bright smile on his face started reading out names department wise.They were reading out names in alphabetical order.So i had to wait for a while to hear my name in the list of selected candidates.Finally he called my name out and i felt happy.22 members from my department made it to TCS.When we came out, every one was busy giving high fives and hugs to each other.I called my parents up and told them that i was selected.

One thing that i would like to mention here is about the ambience back at home. Parents happiness is priceless.I really enjoyed my first interview experience.I am still in search of better opportunities which would offer joining dates soon after i finish my btech.For now my soul is relaxed and this is all i need at the beginning of a challenging main project. I am hoping to do a good project in an area that i had never explored before and learn more things.That should serve as a perfect ending to my engineering life.
And yeah ALL IZZ WELL :)


  1. First: Congratulations on ur success
    Second: good post dude keep on blogging
    Third: your way of writing is good and simple...!!

  2. Thanks bro.I like penning the posts in simple english.I feel that there is no point in writing a blog that will make the reader refer to a dictionary oftentimes. In a way he derives no pleasure in reading :) That way, my attempt at blogging fails as the reader finds it difficult to read :)

  3. 3 cheers Teja! Firstly, hearty congos on your emphatic, morale-boosting success at the campus placements...winning is different and going for a killer-finish is will notch the latter up by the end of your end-term (hopefully). I loved the way you chose to structure your blog post in simple and intelligible english...keep it up and more of those wonderful posts coming! Any FIRST in life brings with it some inexplicable moments and unmatched fulfillment! First job, First salary, First gift to parents with your first salary, your first watch and mobile with your first salary (well, dude 3.2 lakhs per annum is not a measly you can accommodate these expenses easily in your budget)are some common experiences.
    Parents' happiness at their children's achievements is one of the sweetest moments in a family! I know you must have savoured it thoroughly and that is how it should be! Fulfilling to the brim! BUT, remember...we have miles to go before sleep...sleep here is the metaphoric symbolization for death! Life is one such relentless journey that you while you live and relive some real thrilling and enthralling moments, there are times when you have to live it out! I dont wish to pass on a sermon here...but would want you to remember the PHOENIX everytime you fall and rise in life...your quest initially should be for excellence and fulfillment...but every breath that you take, the raison d'être of life should be HOPE, HOPE and HOPE! Hope that you will see light at the end of the tunnel, hope that you will conquer peaks, hope that life will be an eternal spring of joy and bliss, hope that your desires will be fulfilled, hope that you will be granted DELIVERANCE! Even, Mercy-killing is administered in the HOPE that the soul would hither stop wriggling and rest in peace! Hope you understand the quintessence of this message though it may appear maundering in its trail!
    goodluck brother...

  4. @Shankar anna...Firstly thanks for those lines..I did get the quintessence of what u said...As i mentioned earlier...I m happy to taste my first success at a bigger scenario...I think this should serve as a springboard in improving the quality of my work for my future endeavours

  5. awesome experience dude... brings back my memories of the selection... I am really happy for u dude... so all the best for the future... rock on sindbad the sailor :D

  6. good one murthy....the way u have explained ur experience is simply superb...keep blogging....