Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

More than two months had passed since i came to Hyderabad and started working in a start-up company. The atmosphere here is exactly what i had envisioned before i took up the decision to work in a company like this. I really love the energy with which people work here and how they find fun in what they are doing. I should consider myself fortunate enough to be associated with such a brilliant team. “It’s all about working with people whom you love” says one of the founding partners here. This statement moved me a lot and helped me understand how great teams are formed.

Few days back, i was in a dilemma (when i got an offer to stay @DeepRedInk and lead the tech space ) whether to continue working here and be part of a budding organization or leave to TCS next year. And then, i asked myself one question : “Where do I want to see myself 10 years from now ?".

- A question that i had first come across during our training and placement classes in our college. And frankly speaking, i had no answer for this particular question. In a generation where almost every guy/girl i come across is certain about what he/she wants to do after graduation, i was one among the very few who were confused.

Management has been one of my cardinal interest’s from a long time. But then, i also have profound interest in software development. Being part of an organization which enables me to contribute towards the development of next generation apps certainly is exciting. It provides me with the dual benefits of learning and professional growth. But then, i was really not sure about what i should take up. I was completely confused whether to prepare for CAT or GRE. Every area in IT field interests me. So i told myself not to go for an MS until a time when i am sure about the area in which i want to do research. MBA right after BTech, would be like studying management science subject for 4 more semesters and enjoying the riddance of education after that. And i see no point in doing it, as i am in no hurry what so ever to complete my education.So, i was left with only one option – work for a company and discover what i want to do.

I had come across many people who felt that my decision was wrong. All my uncle’s asked me to get into a PG course as soon as possible. But then, i kept telling myself to follow what i strongly believe in. There is no point in blaming some person ten years from now, if at all i end up doing what he/she wants me to do and be a tired employee who no longer enjoys his work. I don’t want to blame some guy who told me do something, when i feel dissatisfied and tired of my profession.

And so my answer to this question is “10 years from now, i want to be happy and peaceful.”

20 years from now?

“I want to be happy and peaceful”.

There was a point when earning money seemed everything in life. But when i ask myself “What’s the whole point in being the richest man in the graveyard ?”, the idea of earning lots of money and living a luxurious life seemed foolish and equally stupid.

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