Friday, February 26, 2010

Campus Placements @ MVGR

"Get a job and go freak out with the salary you get"..... a general thought in every engineering student's mind. Yeah, campus placements provide a great opportunity for the students in various engineering colleges to showcase their talent and sell themselves. We had TCS [Tata Consultancy Services] at our campus for which some of us were asked to volunteer. I found this boring as i know the fact that being a volunteer makes you do clerical work in the campus. I had no interest in it and skipped the afternoon session by saying to my professor incharge that i was ill.

Nearly 250 students from our college appeared for the interviews. And after day one, nearly a hundred of them were not selected in the written exam. Day 2 had Technical round,MR round and HR round. These were some of the questions asked to my seniors who attended the technical interview.

1. Write a C program for Drivers

2. Write a C program for connecting to a database in the back end

3. Write a program for quick sort.

The last one seems to be quite familiar for most of the students, but the first two questions were boggling.One of them was asked to do a program on system and come back with the output's. And one student was asked the reason for which he took the Oracle certification. The number of students who cleared the technical round reduced once again and finally there were about 60 people who cleared all the rounds.

27 students were selected finally.And to my surprise we had 14 of them from ece. Infact they took only 11 members from the computer science and Information technology streams.Then i started thinking the reason behind their selection. Its not about your percentage in the engineering stream or your track record that counts.Its all about your way of communicating and yeah a piece of fucking luck.If you arent lucky that day,it may turn out really bad. People think that all those students with sound sapience are absorbed into the companies,[ which is true to a certain extent] but they are more concerned about people with good communication skills or soft skills to be precise.This is true because, no matter how much knowledge you have if you are unable to express your knowledge it goes in vain.So one who can express himself really well can have an extra edge when compared to the remaining people.
           This filled up my mind with strange thoughts.I asked my self whether i would make it the next year and whether my resume is sound enough to impress the interviewer. Part of me thinks that i will clear the interviews with ease but the other part thinks that im going to mess things up. My past academic record was not that sound and i had my best time academically in my engineering life and gained good respect for my skills among my class,juniors,faculty members and other friends.
             For now i felt its better if i stop thinking more about this and concentrate on my current semester subjects. And yeah ALL IZZ WELL....

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